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Company Purchased and Renamed ANCO Equipment & Services


Tom Stanforth purchases the assets of ANCO Rendering Equipment, LLC from Hillside Acquisition Group. The company is renamed ANCO Equipment & Services, LLC.

High Point, NC – In October 2022, the assets of ANCO Rendering Equipment, LLC was purchased from Hillside Acquisition Group and renamed ANCO Equipment & Services, LLC.

This purchase enables ANCO Equipment & Services, LLC to focus on what they do best, deliver reliable, custom equipment and services for the meat rendering and food processing industries.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Tom Stanforth at 336.855.7800 ext. 121 or by email at tom_stanforth@ancoeas.com. We appreciate your business.

About ANCO Equipment & Services

ANCO Equipment & Services, LLC is a world leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the rendering industry (beef, pork, poultry, & fish), chilled pet food systems and wastewater treatment. We specialize in batch and continuous cookers, raw material pumping systems (Lamella), screw presses, continuous feather and hog hair hydrolyzers, crushers, vapor condensing systems, plant odor control, raw material pumps, dewatering presses, and complete plant automation. ANCO has been providing innovative solutions since 1902. All equipment is manufactured in the USA and is built to the highest codes in the industry.