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Fulfilling your rendering needs at every stage of your process

Many meat rendering operations are eating into their profits because they don’t have the right equipment to reliably and efficiently recycle organic waste. At ANCO, we design and manufacture full rendering plant solutions, including customized equipment, so you can confidently run an efficient, profitable business.

We specialize in batch and continuous cookers, raw material pumping systems (Lamella), screw presses, continuous feather and hog hair hydrolyzers, crushers, vapor condensing systems, plant odor control, blood processing systems, dewatering presses, and complete plant automation.

Raw Material Handling Systems

We offer several Shredder and Grinder size options, including one of the largest prebreakers in the industry. They are durable and efficient. Best of all, they can easily handle whole animals without any precutting, saving you time and money.

  • 1045 Prebreaker
  • 1101 Grinder, Poultry
  • 1128 Feather Spreader
  • 1270 Dewatering Press
  • 1271 Paunch Press
  • 306 Blood Tank


Our Cookers and Hydrolyzers function as batch or continuous units, offering you optimum flexibility. This flexibility means that you can effortlessly shift your operations based on your current needs.

  • Fish Cooker/Pre-heater
  • 1500 USDA AG Canada Batch Cooker/Pre-heater
  • 1212 Continuous Hydrolyzer
  • Batch Hydrolyzer
  • Batch Cooker
  • Continuous Disc Cooker
  • Mobile Sterilization Units

Separation/Fats & Oils Handling

Our separation systems easily remove free-flowing fats, feathers, hair, metal, and much more. And it doesn’t matter whether your material is delivered by truck, screened from a water flume system, or pressed from the processing plant. Whatever your situation is, we’ve got you covered.

  • 1128 Feather Spreader/Hog Hair Bin
  • Metal Detection
  • 630G Perc Pan
  • 604 Continuous Perc
ANCO Vapor and Odor Control

Finish Meal Handling Systems

Whether you’re looking for Scrubbers, Condensers, Cyclones, or Thermal Oxidizers, our wide range of odor treatment systems is designed to fit your specific facility needs.

  • Bagging System
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Cooling Bin
  • Hammermill
  • Screw Conveyor
ANCO Vapor and Odor Control

Condensing Systems/Odor Control

ANCO dryers have diverse applications and support a wide range of industries and products. Their compact design allows you to seamlessly upgrade from out-of-date, unreliable evaporation equipment, saving you time, steam demand, and electrical consumption.

  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Cooling Tower
  • Packed Bed Scrubber
ANCO Rendering Equipment Controls

Chilled Slurry Processing

ANCO provides various levels of control automation to match your needs from a simple VFD box with a variable speed knob and reversing switch on the door to complete control system with PLC logic, HMI color touch screen with Ethernet connectivity, remote access, heating, cooling, battery backup, UPS and all the latest bells and whistles to keep you on the leading edge.